About Us

In Africa, Ideate Technologies is facilitating the convergence of powerful Building Information Modeling (BIM) and Future of Making (FOM) technology brands through a distribution network that specializes in serving the needs of the people who survey, make, build, operate or maintain the products and infrastructure on our continent.

With a footprint of more than 54 countries across the African continent, Ideate Technologies and WorldsView Technologies are the largest African authorised distributors of global brands including Autodesk, ESRI and Topcon. As the “Market Making Distributor” in Africa we offer converged workflow solutions across multiple segments, and a substantial partner network, Ideate Technologies is perfectly positioned in Africa to create efficiency and profit for our channel partners, vendors and, ultimately end-user customers.

Africa Distribution Story

Population growth, rapid urbanisation and the hunger for a better life is accelerating the demand for great products and infrastructure in Africa – a continent coping with the complexities of 54 countries, significant developmental challenges, numerous local languages, vast distances and inconsistent political/legal systems.

In Africa, we facilitate the convergence of powerful BIM and FOMT technology brands through a distribution network that specializes in serving the needs of the people who survey, make, build, operate or maintain the products and infrastructure in our region.

Our work simplifies access to and management of African markets for some of the world’s most important technology vendors. Ideate Technologies creates efficiency and profit for our channel partners by opening up access to and integrating offerings from vendors such as Autodesk, Topcon and ESRI. We do this in a way that offers our eco-system the best prices, simplest transaction systems, the most helpful people and the best growth plans possible.

Established in 2003, Ideate Technologies and WorldsView Technologies have offices in 6 countries (Algeria, Kenya, Morocco, Nigeria, South Africa and Tunisia) and channel partners in 48 African countries. Successfully serving an eco-system spanning 54 African countries.

We thank every employee, partner, vendor and customer who allows us to work with them in pursuit of a better Africa for all.

Meet Our Leaders

Long-term business success depends, above all, on the quality of the leadership team providing direction, and vision. Our leadership team has a distinctive set of collective and individual skill-sets and expertise which enables us to provide stakeholders, the best advice and support. Our proficiency comprises disciplines such as GIS, spatial analytics, surveying, data integration, 3D design, project implementation and asset management, and spans multiple segments including complex buildings, infrastructure, manufacturing, mining and utilities.

Ideate Technologies’ leadership team has more than 120 years of combined industry expertise, with contributions to various professional bodies and, African BIM and FOMT initiatives.

Group Leadership

Simon Tomlinson

Chief Executive Officer

Omesh Govender

Vice President Finance and Logistics


Craig Yeatman

Chief Operations Officer and Regional President ZAR Region

Carel Rootman

Vice President Technical

Abu Spogter

Vice President Adoption and Renewals

David Haslam

Regional President Anglophone Region

Michael Wood

Vice President Marketing and Channel Development

Carol Simpson

Vice President Human Resources

Mounia Raissi

Regional President Francophone Region

Eric Mule

Vice President Sales


Anglophone Regional Team

David Haslam

Regional President

Zoe Whitley

Regional Marketing Manager

Abigail Ribeiro

Channel Development Manager

Azira Cassim

Regional Adoptions & Renewals Manager

Emmerson dos Santos

Country Sales Manager RoA

Keith Nthambiri

Country Sales Manager- Kenya

Uche Ubah

Country Sales Manager - Nigeria & Ghana

Oodhish Beedassy

Regional Finance Manager

Eric Mule

Sales Vice President

Jason Savonge

Technical Application Manager - Surveyor

Elijah Ochieng

Technical Application Manager - Engineer

Miriam Mabeya

Regional Sales Manager

Francophone Regional Team

Mounia Raissi

Regional President

Safir El Hadeuf

Regional Sales Manager

Yassine Rannane

Country Sales Manager Morocco

Salwa Zitouni

Country Sales Manager Tunisia

Gilbert Sallah

Country Sales Manager Sub-Saharan Africa

Nourhene Jomaa

Technical Account Manager - Civil Engineer

Abdelmadjid Siab

Technical Account Manager - Mechanical Engineer

Christian Musoni

Regional Marketing Manager

Juste Elouga

Regional Adoptions & Renewals Manager

Oodhish Beedassy

Regional Finance Manager

Noureddine Lhiani

Senior Technical Account Manager - Architect

Bobo Ngbanzo

Channel Development Manager

Moad Zaid

Technical Account Manager - Surveyor


Join Our Team

If you have a passion for serving the needs of the people who survey, make, build, operate or maintain the products and infrastructure on our continent, and want to work in a collaborative environment where opportunities are offered, skills are stretched and excellence is rewarded, you might be exactly what we’re looking for.

To find out, click here for forthcoming graduate, permanent, temporary and specialist opportunities.