Ideate Technologies is the sole African authorised distributor of Autodesk Software

Assessment Services

Business Process Assessment

Our Business Process Assessment, or BPA, allows us to understand your current business enbironment, identify areas of concern and make recommendations to resolve them.


BIM Readiness Assessments

This assessment is your first step in crafting your BIM plan. It provides you with a better understanding of your current conditions as well as your business objectives so you can better plan for a BIM implementation.

Health Check Assessments

The Health Checks are condensed assessments to help you determine whether you are using your Autodesk software to their full extent and make recommendations about where software usage and process improvements can be made.


User Skills Proficiency Assessments

User proficiency assessments are individual user assessments that will give you a clearer picture of user’s individual strength and areas of development needed.

Implementation Services

Ideate provides a more refined approach through a view of increasing adoption as a key focus of implementation Services. We have the expertise to help you successfully implement your software, tightly integrate it into your operations, and optimize your end­-to­-end processes to help you maximise the return on your investment.

We work with you to minimize the impact of software implementation on your existing systems and maximize the long term benefit realised by your software investment.


Ideate services

Our approach includes the delivery of key implementation services, such as:

INSTALLATIONS Hassle­-free installation of Autodesk software with minimal downtime and impact on your business.
CONTENT CREATION Our industry experts will assist you in developing your model content incorporating your required design information.
We will review and provide recommendations regarding updating of the existing environment to include hardware, software, network,and design workflow to ensure the software being installed fits your current workflow and design environment.

Suppport Services

Our well qualified engineering staff provide prompt and accurate responses to questions concerning use of the applications we provide. Each local Applications Engineer possesses years of experience with Autodesk software applications.

Onsite Support

Email / Telephone Support

Autodesk Subscription Support

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