Product Training

Ideate Technologies provides a number of comprehensive world-class training solutions.

Training options

Ideate Technologies provides a number of comprehensive world-class training solutions to help you get the highest possible value from your technology investment.
Choose the one that best suits the needs of your organization.


Classroom Training

Instructor led classroom based training courses are available for a large variety of Autodesk software solutions. We can offer these classes at your premises or any training venue that you choose. We can tailor the class to suit your needs, and your employees will be the only students in the class.



Ideate Technologies offer the content from its training through convenient, online learning courses. Available through annual subscription, the eLearning Bundles allow learners to complete fundamental through to advanced­ level courses from any location with access to the internet.


Blended Learning

Ideate’s blended learning combines eLearning with classroom training. eLearning enhances the classroom experience. With eLearning as a support in the classroom, we actually see a shift in how we view an instructor, and instructors can focus on their core abilities by being a subject matter expert and custom learning coach.

Checklist: Choosing the right training provider

Can the training centre offer you Autodesk recognised international Certification?
Can the training centre leverage international expertise across the African continent?
Have the trainers been trained internationally, directly by Autodesk?
Are the trainers qualified Architects or Engineers?
Do the trainers have sufficient industry experience?
Are the trainers registered Autodesk Training Centre instructors?
Does the training centre have the latest updated training material?
Does the training centre use legal, professional training materials?
Does the training centre offer you free eBooks or training manuals when you buy a course?
Can the training centre offer you additional training online for further development?

Our Training

  • With a footprint of more than 36 countries across the African continent, ideate Technologies is the sole African Software that delivers the world’s leading digital design solutions to the people who make an build our world, across the African Continent;
  • Ideate can offer your staff the option of receiving Autodesk recognised international certification.

Our Instructors

  • Ideate Technologies deploys instructors who are not only qualified architects or engineers with current industry knowledge, but are certified to teach the Autodesk solutions;
  • Our instructors are applications engineers that have been fully trained by Autodesk;
  • With its extensive footprint, ideate has access to instructors from across the African continent.

Our Training Materials

  • Ideate Technologies takes pride in ensuring that training materials used in the classroom are professional, legal and current;
  • Training material is available as hard copy manuals or eBooks allowing trainees every opportunity to develop their skills and productivity in the best way.
  • In addition, both online learning and blended learning options are available on request.

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